Monday, September 21, 2020

Project-Zero: Low Pressure Fuel System Plumbing

Started Plumbing the low pressure fuel system.

The feed fuel feel and return lines are 5/16” OD nylon tube in red and black. (red=feed, black=return.) These run from the low pressure filter and pump at the rear of the chassis through the tunnel to swirl pot at the front of the car.  The tunnel has some brackets to help route them cleanly.

The tunnel brackets need to be fitted with grommets to the fuel hoses from rubbing  through. I bought out all of the [5/16”ID, 716” groove diameter, 1/16” groove depth] grommets at my local Outdoor Supply Hardware. These fit into the brackets perfectly and offered a VERY snug fit for the nylon lines.  So snug that nylon fuel lines tended to pull the grommets out of their home while drawing them through.

To solve this, I squeezed a nickel-sized gob of white grease onto a paper towel, then drew the full length of each tube through the greasy towel. I then wiped each tube down again with a clean, dry paper towel.  This left the nylon fuel hoses clean and just slick enough to thread through the tight rubber grommets without pulling out of the chassis in the process.

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