Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Project-Zero: Ignition Barrel Replacement

GBS sent along a new ignition barrel to replace the one that came from the donor steering column. Replacing it is pretty easy if you have the original keys, I didn't.

Barrel removal if you have the original keys:
  1. Insert key into the ignition, turn to position "II".
  2. Press down on the small brass pin with a pick or a punch.
  3. Gently pull & wriggle the barrel out of the steering column.
Barrel removal if you don't have the original keys:
  1. Research "Tibbe lock picking" on Google, watch YouTube videos on the topic.
  2. Order a Tibbe lock picking tool and wait for it to arrive.
  3. Fail to pick the lock with the Tibbe lock picking tool.
  4. Drill out the brass pin with a 5/32" drill bit, then go to town with a hammer and screw driver.
Installing the new barrel:
  1. Insert key into the new barrel, align it so that the key is on "II".
  2. Insert the barrel into the steering column while pressing down on the brass pin.
  3. Have a cocktail.

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