Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Project-Zero: Brake nuts, rear studs.

Front Brakes

I found that the threads of the tube nuts installed on the front brake lines at the GBS workshop were garbage, wouldn't thread on to the GBS supplied ATR braided flexible brake lines. Some other owners have run into the same issue, they've resolved it using an M10x1 tap to clean up the threads. I opted to replace the tube nuts, I was able to steal a good set from a friend's build. 

Rear Brakes

Rear brakes were zero dramas, everything there was fine.

Rear Hub Studs

With the use of a 20-ton press, I installed a set of ARP wheel studs in the Sierra rear hubs. I wanted to use ARP studs to match the style of studs in the front hubs. Turns out that ARP's NA/NB Miata/MX-5 extended wheels as almost a perfect, especially with the use of a 20-ton press.

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