Friday, August 12, 2022

Project-Zero: Blackstone Report 1.

 Got the lab results back from Blackstone and...uh...well...This will be fun.

With about one year and 600 miles on the engine since installation. (~46K miles on the engine in total)

In the universal averages column you'll find how this type of Ford usually looks in analysis after about 7,200 miles of oil use. Those averages include a lot of engines that just see daily street driving. We're thinking this engine, used in a GBS Zero, is probably going to develop a different wear pattern, possibly with more metal as the norm. We'll be interested to see how trends build. As it stands, metals are higher than average overall, but if they improve or at least stabilize, we wouldn't worry. Silicon may show dirt, unless recent repairs could mean it's sealer.

So that's kind of an ominous sounds thing...