Sunday, August 16, 2020

Project-Zero: Rear wheel studs for Ford Sierra hubs


I want to install extended wheel studs on my Zero's rear hubs that match the length and style of the ARP studs I just installed on the front hubs.

  • Front Hubs: Mazda NA/NB MX-5 Miata
  • Rear Hubs: Ford Sierra


I grabbed some measurements from the Sierra hubs I have, then started to Google.

Everything Ford related that I type after this is based on this post from the UK Locost Builder's Forum. Everything I write about MX-5 bits is taken directly from ARP's published product materials.

I'm also about to mix a lot of Imperial and Metric units, you've been warned.

Ford Sierra rear hubs come in 0.518" (13.15mm) knurl diameter.

Mazda Miata rear hubs come in two flavors, 0.507" (~12.9mm) or 0.579" (~14.7mm) knurl diameter


My take away is that I can use ARP '94+ MX-5 studs in the Ford Sierra if I bore the stud holes to 9/16th. ( That's about a 0.002" interference fit, well within the capability of a hydraulic press. )

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