Sunday, August 9, 2020

Project-Zero: Brakes, Clean-up and Painting 2 (And drilling out ball-joint tapers.)

Cleaned, primed, painted, and cleared the rear brakes. Unlike the front brakes (NB MX-5 calipers), the rears are from Ford Sierra.

The front uprights are NB MX-5 Miata parts.  Along with clean up and paint, the tapers for upper ball-joint and tie-rod end need to be drilled out. The Zero Roadster uses 14mm rose joints and hardware instead of tapered ball-joints. Drilling through iron with a hand drill tends to snap drill bits, it's good to buy a few and know you're going to sacrifice one or two in the process.

The holes don't need to be precision fit, you can use fairly inexpensive jobber bits, no need for a reamer. (Because the bits are cheap, buy two.)

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