Friday, August 28, 2020

Project-Zero: Nominal Torque Values for my GBS Zero.

The torque values referenced in the linked document are gleaned from Mazda MX-5 factory service manuals, Ford Sierra Service manuals, and from Fastenal's Tension Reference Guide

WARNING: UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED, ALWAYS USE THE MANUFACTURER'S SPECIFICATION FOR TORQUE VALUES. The values provided in the linked document are a guide that I am using to help keep my cheese form hanging in the wind.  In the absence of OEM torque specifications, I use the general torque specs from Fastenal's Tension Reference guide.  I make no claim as to their absolute accuracy nor do I recommend that you blindly use them in your own project.

This document is a work in progress and will change / expand as the build progresses.

LINK: Sean's GBS Zero Fastener Torque Spreadsheet for Ford/Mazda Mixed Running Gear.

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