Saturday, August 22, 2020

Project-Zero: Build Vlog 8.22.2020

Starting to build some momentum. Current focus is to get the front end assembled. (Control arms, uprights, brakes, steering rack, etc.) Ran into a small question that required a email to the GBS Workshops.

In the video I make the statement that the shock I'm holding is for the wrong car. This is not correct. This was my confusion about the way GBS manages their stock keeping. GBS have two stock keeping units for the ATR Shocks, one for Ford and one for Mazda; each SKU is a set of four shocks.  Between the two SKUs, the front shocks are identical while the rears have different stroke length. Nowhere on their site could I find information conferring this information about the two SKUs but it was confirmed for me by GBS via email. (As of the morning of 8/24/2020.)

My concern was whether or not there might be a difference in front shock stroke length the two SKUs since my car is running Mazda gear up front and Ford gear out back.  Would have been nice if GBS used three SKUs instead of two. (i.e individual Front Ford/Mazda, Rear Ford, and Rear Mazda SKUs would have been a little less confusing)

Anyway, that's sorted. Shock installment in the next Vlog.

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