Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Project-Zero: Oil Pressure Sensor Wiring

AIM do make a 0-150PSI pressure sensor with an integrated Binder 719 connector, it's expensive. I have several spare functionally identical Packard/Delphi sensors laying around from past projects and a small handful of 719 connectors. The preference is to use what I have on hand that sets me up for less expensive replacement costs in the future, should the sensor crap itself. (Pressure transducers are a little delicate, they don't like a lot of heat and vibrations.)

This is the wiring/soldering game plan to connect up the “generic” Packard sensors to the AIM MSX dash that I’m using. Nothing too special, just a distillation of information from a couple of different sources to help keep me from jacking things up too bad. 

The Binder 719’s on the the MXS’s harness are of the 4-pin variety.  When looking at them from solder termination side, index tab pointed upward, the pins can be read as:

719 Male - From solder termination side

  1. Upper Right - Analog Signal
  2. Lower Right - Sensor Ground
  3. Lower Left - +12V (Battery)
  4. Upper Left - +5v (Sensor Vref)
719 Female - From solder termination side
  1. Upper Left - Analog Signal
  2. Lower Left - Sensor Ground
  3. Lower Right - +12v (Battery)
  4. Upper Right - +5v (Sensor Vref)
Packard/Delphi 3-pin Transducer - Looking at the pins on the sensor side
  1. Lower Center - Analog Signal
  2. Upper Right - +5v (Sensor Vref)
  3. Upper Left - Sensor Ground
Connecting up the +12V pin on the Binder connectors is no bueno.

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