Thursday, February 18, 2021

Project-Zero: LEDs and flasher relay

UPDATE (03/03/2021):

The flasher that I bought is complete and utter garbage. Do not buy it. It will kill your children, corrupt your dog, and run off with your spouse on a bank robbery spree.

Another thing to think about, the GBS Zero uses ISO standard pin outs for the flasher relay.

You can easily use Grote 44892 LED flasher unit.

LEDs and Flasher Relay 

GBS included a flasher relay intended for incandescent bulbs however they shipped LED front turn signals and incandescent tail/brake/rear-turn bulbs with the car.  This will result in a fast than desired flashing of the right and left turn signals. The quick solution is to just replace all of the remaining indicator bulbs with LEDs and flasher relay. (With an LED compatible relay)  While I'm at it, I've also purchased a set of LED H4 headlights.

I bought all of the needed parts at, part numbers are below.

  • Brake/Tail (red) - 1157 Socket x2 - 1157-R27-T-2PK
  • Rear Fog (red) - 1156 Socket x1 - 1156-R27-T
  • Reverse Light (white) - 1156 Socket x 1 - 1156-NW27-T
  • Turn Indicator (amber) - 1156 Socket x2 - 1156-A27-T-2PK
  • LED Flasher Relay - CF13GL-02 FL3-RED-K
  • H4 Headlights - H4-HLV7

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