Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Project-Zero: Steering Wheel stuff.

 After spending a good amount of time in the car last week doing the CHP inspection/VIN assignment thing I've decided that I need to revisit the steering wheel on my Zero a bit.

  • The hub adapter and quick release adapter length is ridiculously long and not really all that comfortable to use. 
  • The steering wheel feels a little too small for my liking.

The quick release is ~2.5 inches long, the hub is ~3.3 inches long.  It's just...dumb.

For now, I'm deleting the quick release. In the future I'll modify the steering wheel hub adapter (cut off the crash structure, drill and tap bolt holes) and maybe swap to a thin quick release adapter. (

As for the wheel, I've swapped in my spare NRG 320mm steering wheel to see if I like it any more than the 300mm MOMO wheel.

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