Monday, January 18, 2021

Project-Zero: January Update

 Not a whole lot more progress but this is where we're at:

  • PCV/Catch Can System - This has all been plumbed in now.  Relatively inexpensive catch can from Amazon, fitted with three brass barbs I sourced at a local hardware store.  Being three port in this situation is super important since I need to plumb the breather and PCV systems into the intake. This is all plumbed with low pressure emissions/fuel hose.  Both PCV and Breather are plumbed into the in-ports on the catch can, then from the out-port into the injector-plug ports that have been lightly tapped into the cylinder head in place of the stock injectors.
  • Alternator - Finally got the alternator bracket I needed from GBS so the alternator is in. In my application, I needed to find a belt that would fit correctly. I went through a couple of iterations on this, the end result is a K040570 (4PK1450) Gates Micro-V belt.
  • VVT Solenoid Connectors - While swapping the VVT solenoid connector, I probed out the connections and found the wiring harness/ECU info sheet disagree.  The documentation says that the VVT solenoid is wired on pin 17. This is a lie. There's nothing at all wired on pin 17 in my ECU harness. The connector labeled "VVT Solenoid" is really wired to pin 3 which the docs lists as the Idle Air Control Valve solenoid. I will need to keep this in mind.
  • QuickJacks - I bought a second hand set of 12V powered QuickJacks. I've used them to put the car up in the air and even with just this single use it has been amazing. I don't know how I've gone so long without these, expect some upgrades this system to come along in the future.
  • Fuel Pump Fuckery - The high pressure fuel pump on the car has male FASTON terminals, one is .25" (ground) and the other is .312" wide. (+12v) The harness only has .25" female FASTON terminals for the pump. This is less than useful and I've had to order a hand full of female FASTON connectors from Digi-Key.
  • Nylon Spacers - I bought a chunk of delrin from McMaster with which to make some replacement spaces for the differential.  I should have used nylon from the start instead of aluminum. Used the bandsaw and drill press for this, really wish I had a lathe for this operation but managed to get everything done and back into the car with only a small amount of cursing.

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