Friday, July 1, 2022

Project-Zero: July Update

This is the state of progress since my March check-in.

It's a bit spammy so it's behind the jump...

  • Digital Dash - WIN!
    • Replaced the AIM MXS with an MXL2
    • This was basically a plug-n-play change.
    • The transflective MXL2 readable in all light conditions. 
  • PCV and Breather - WIN!
    •  I added a second catch-can to the car for the valve cover breather
    • PCV and breather now each have their own catch can.
    • After ~500 miles only .5 oz of fluid came out of the PCV catch can.
    • After ~500 miles the breather catch can is dry and I may ditch it for a simple pod filter.
  • Throttle Pedal Feel - Win!
    • I added a light duty spring to the throttle pedal, snugged up the lock nut gently.
  • Throttle Return Spring - Win!
    • Added a helper spring to the throttle on the ITBs.
    • This has helped to tame the +2K idle issue.
  • Brake Reservoir - Draw!
    • Still leaking from the cap a very tiny amount.
    • Maybe I'll need to see about printing up a new, thicker gasket or something?
  • Suspension Setup - Win!
    • Paid a pro race shop to do a full custom alignment.
    • It was expensive because of rear shims. the result was worth the price of admission.
  • Tow Points - Delay of Game!
    • Haven't worked on this, yet.
  • Intercom Setup - Draw!
    • I bought Sena TufFTalk headset
    • Built a DIY headset that worked alright but wasn't 100% great, may revisit later.
  • Serpentine Belt - Win!
    • Faced ~2.5mm off the ATR idler pulley bushing, got the belt alignment on the pulleys correct.
    • Not worried about the belt wearing prematurely or jump off now.
    • Bought a mini-lathe for this job. (And other things.)

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