Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Project-Zero: GBSZero - 600 Mile Once Over

 It's been about a one year and ~600 miles since I first drove my Zero on public roads. It's time to lift it up on the QuickJack, pull the wheels and look around for issues.  There were surprisingly few.

  • Brake Reservoir - The cap leaking ever so slightly still.
    • Will probably need to gently massage, debur the reservoir.
    • Will probably need to replace the washer/gasket in the cap.
  • Windshield Wipers - I need to install them.
    • Need to mod the wiper arms with less-stiff springs.
  • Diffuser Mounting - The screws holding the leading edge to the car had backed out.
    • Better hardware/screws & teflon thread sealant/locker.
  • Differential - Stupidly, I reused a sealing washer on the fill plug and it leaked.
    • Drop and replace the diff oil. (75w140)
    • Replace crush washer and torque to just north of stock spec.

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