Sunday, September 12, 2021

Project-Zero: ETB Fuel Level Sender and Gauge

 The Zero has been on stands for a few weeks while I work on small things.  Last time I updated here I was working on calibrating the Smiths fuel level sender to work with the AIM dash.

That didn’t go well.

Eventually I’ll revisit the notion of having the AIM display fuel level but for now I’m throwing an ETB Instruments sender and GT40 style gauge into a 3D printed pod sticky-taped to the dash. I went with ETB because their sender fit the bolt battery GBS use on their tank so it was easy.

The lever arm of the sender needed to be adjusted for length to keep it from hitting the sides or bottom of the tank. (There’s about 3/4” between the bottom of the float and tank at full droop.) This provides a bit of a buffer at ‘E’ which is good since the car’s tank realistically only holds 7.5 US gallons of fuel.

The gauge is wired to the send through the factory harness, not the AIM harness I built.  For simplicity I’m taking switched power and ground from the USB charger/voltmeter in the center console. The gauge pod is my own design that uses GoPro mounting hardware and 3M mounting tape to stick to the underside of the carbon fiber dashboard.  I didn’t bother wiring up the gauge illumination.

Anyway, I now have a working fuel level gauge which is honestly all that I care about while working out confidence in what kind of range I’m going to be able to get out of this car.

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