Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Project-Zero: Fitting the AIM MSX & pilot lights in the carbon fibre dash .

Spent a little bit of time after work last night offering up the AIM MXS dash to the carbon fibre dashboard. Also, the dash lights. (Was going to do something fancy for those, turns out I didn't care enough and just set them straight into the dash.)  To make sure that holes were [mostly] in the right place I drew up a couple of templates with Fusion 360 and kicked them out on my Ender3 Printer. (I mostly use my 3D printer to knock out single use tooling, like this.)

I'm happy enough with the end result of the work even though it's a bit of a horror show where I cut out the 2" rounds to fit the back protrusion of the dashboard. Doesn't matter, tho, that's covered by the dash itself.  And one of the dash lights is slight offset which will forever be a tiny annoyance.

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