Saturday, October 3, 2020

Project-Zero: Swirl pot mounting and mods.

I have two concerns informing my swirl pot mount:
  • Ensure clearance between the steering column and fuel return hose.
  • Ensure clearance on the bulkhead to mount high-pressure fuel pumps.
I knocked this together with a sheet of 4"x10" 14ga aluminum. Not necessarily ideal for every build but workable for mine. A minor, pretty straight forward modification of the swirl pot was base is necessary

Step 1 - Cardboard Template
Step 2 - Layout Scribed on Aluminum 

3 - Cut, Bend, and Riveted to the outside frame rail.

4 - Bend down the other side of the mount, drill and rivet into the inside frame rail.

Riveting it to the inside chassis didn’t suck, but it wasn’t great.  It worked and I’m happy enough with the result.

LESSON LEARNED: The first time I riveted this to the frame I used a 1/8” bit and pop-rivets to hold the bracket in place. That didn’t work too well. Bumping up to 3/16” rivets with washers to spread load worked better.

CHALLENGES: I’ve literally messed up most of my rivnuts tools. They’ve been made of material much softer than than the steel threads of the nutserts.

The swirl pot will need a few small alterations.  The black lines give an indication of what’s in store for it.

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