Thursday, October 15, 2020

Project-Zero: Update on some small jobs

  • Parking Brake Cable RoutingHaving taken a look at some of the photos from Richard's build, I now have a better idea of how the parking brake cables are supposed to be fitted into the chassis bracket.  This will be a quick and easy job.
  • Paint the swirl pot hard line - Unnecessary but a small touch that’s easy do now before the car is wet with fluids. Painting it is really just a aesthetic thing since I’ve also painted the swirl pot gloss black.
    • Quick and dirty operation, scrubbed down with steel wool, sprayed with one coat each of primer (heavy), base gloss black (medium), and gloss clear coat. (Heavy). No need to do multiple coats of each on this part.  Once it’s had a day or two to cure I’ll jam it back into place and clamp it in.

  • Washer ReservoirHaving taken a look at some of the photos from Richard's build, I now have a better idea of where the washer bottle is supposed to be mounted.
    • Fixed with M8 rivnuts and cap-head screws. This is overkill but it is what it is. The car was drill with 7/16" holes for the bottle mount.
    • The washer harness will need to be extended, the harness is configured for right-hand-drive but this is a left hand drive car.

  • Los Honry BoyHaving taken a loot at some of the photos from Richard's build, I have new ideas about where I might be able to install the horn that's mostly out of the way.
    • There’s a lot of dead space between the radiator and the front of the engine, I decided to mount the horn off one of the steering rack brackets.

  • Give em' the clampsI need to acquire more worm clamps of the correct sizes to finish up the high pressure fuel pump hard line installation.
    • Notes: I picked up some slight too large camps from OSH, they will work alright.
  • Tighten up the transmission mount bushing - I really don't need to put more explanation into this.
    • Notes:
      • Tighten to M10 Class 8.8 w/ thread locker torque spec
  • Route the electrical loom at the back of the car - This should probably go from the right side of the car to the left.
  • Dig Out the Transmission and 2.5L engine - We're getting to that point. I should start working on these. First task, pull them out of the corner of the garage and clean them up.

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